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Main : March – July 2000

Our Family Web Site is back with more!  

At 92 Uncle John passes on. What a Gentleman and all around nice guy. We’ll miss him.   
Tom “Corey” and family Tour Germany  
      There’s a couple new kids in the neighborhood:
Oct. 14, 1999  9:19 pm   1 ft. 8 ½  in.

8 lbs. 12oz.

Parents:  Kaycee Mathewson & Chris Fyffe


On December 3, 1999 Scott Lawson became father of Colin Lawson

6 lbs. 11 oz.   1 ft. 9 in.           

 < Chuck and Carol get new golf cart  

 Connie and Wamo Visit George

Mohicans Picnic and Newsletter

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 Our Web Site continues to grow and get better.  

This last month we added several new and interesting things on the site.  We have some new stories and added a new section about the family tree. We gathered a lot of information, pictures and ideas.  Its been another great month for the Site, thanks to all of you.

 I received some information from Teresa Sizemore (Janet’s oldest) after reading the page on Morgan she remembered a story about a funny thing Morgan told her.  After telling me the story, I thought what a great story, then I checked it out and found out none of it was true. I was very disappointed and thought, well to bad, but this was a great story.  It was a good tale and reminds me of  things Morgan would do.  So I took some writers liberties and twisted the story a little, well maybe more than a little.  I had a  lot of fun with it and I think it made a cute story.  This shows me that not everything has to be hard facts, or even be true to have great value.  

I called the  " Morgan Too Cool " story and hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

So if you have a funny little story of event please, pass it on.  We would love to hear it, and I know there are a lot of great stories out there.  Even if its an idea for a story let me know.

This month I’ve added a new section called  “ FAMILY TREE”  a way to follow your family directly from Thomas James Simpson down to your and your kids.  I spent a lot of time putting it together.   I added about 50-60 pages and each page has a minimum of 14 hyperlinks and some have over 36 on them.  It was a lot of work but something I wanted on the site from the start. So if you have some time, take a look and enjoy it.



4Bill Reed gets condo for “chicks”, Julie approves?

  Latest Update: Pregnancy now an issue ?



last week Mike spent the  week in Anaheim at school getting his general contractors
license.  He  passed and now has a unlimited avenue of job aspects
It will be slow starting but we expect a bobsled ride sometime next year although everyone here is 
very anxious to get mike in full swing fully staffed everyone ( being family and friends that live local,
it will be better for them too.) Teresa
Last Monday Kathy's Dad and Stepmother flew in from Denver, for the holiday. Kathy's sister Dijon and son Jamie (7) showed up Tuesday to visit and spend the night visiting. Then returned to Danville the next morning. 
 Deana drove up with Lexie on Friday. She brought a truck load of their stuff for storage. We will keep it, until Corey gets out of basic and AIT. She also brought and set up her computer and scanner, 
to leave here until she returns in about a month. When she will stay with us, until Corey gets assigned to a duty station. She has to finish this semester in LA first.
 Dijon and husband Bob and the rest of the Bob's (Audry 17, John 14, and Jamie (the Terror). We call them the Bob family, Audry Bob, John Bob, Jamie Bob, Bob Bob, and Dijon Bob. (i don't know if they like it, but their  getting used to it now, and don't complain any more) They arrived midday Sat. and spent the night and half of the day for Easter.
 It was wonderful to have a big group for Easter, we had hamburger for Sat. night dinner, custom omelets for Breakfast and Ham for dinner, and plenty of snacks. Lots of food. For the Kids we had an Easter Egg hunt, the small kids had one in the front yard, that was Lexie's first, she is so cute.  The Easter Egg hunt in the backyard was for the older kids, JON, AUDRY, and JOHN, so we really hid the eggs well.  To make it more fun, we put $20, 
distributed in several eggs.  They spent 2 hours looking for eggs, found all but one. It's still out there somewhere with a dollar in it. 
 The Bob family left Sunday a little after noon. Deana left late Sunday afternoon, Kathy's Dad & Stepmother we took to the airport on Monday afternoon. So Its Quite once again.
Hope everyone had a great Easter,  Love to all , George




Wamo:  has decided to rejoin the trucking industry.  He is working on getting his CDL again and is living primarily out of the Salinas area until June, when he moves North of Sacramento.  When he moves in June it will be to do dispatching.  Then in October he will go someplace else.  Possibility of El Centro or ??.

 Jerry and Phyllis lemons visit Parker

Alicia Simpson Retires

  Bill Reed gets condo for chicks

  Dee moves to Phoenix

  Kathy Elliott gets PhD  

  Thomas “Corey”  Simpson in the army now


  · Congratulations to Kaycee, Who is expecting a baby in October.Jerry and Phillis lemons visit Parker


   Teresa Sizemore gives birth to Rainy Michelle Sizemore 1/2/99


    · Thomas Corey Simpson gets married to Deanna Richards, and leaves for the military