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June 1, 2002†††

Yes, I am back.

I have put updating the web site off, too long.So when the wind or rain forces me indoors, I work on the site.

New things: I put a description sentence on the opening page. This was to inform people who are looking for information on the Cartoon Simpsonís from wasting there time on this site.I have also added pictures of cloud and interesting skies.†† I thought you might be interested in see some of our boat pictures, so there in there.

I love the pictures of Hal in his music room, you can see how happy he is.††

Iíll try to keep this updated more often in the future. Enough for now,



I hope each of you enjoy the Site.

I hope all is well for everyone.††† George††† Geosimpson30@hotmail.com



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