Come’n  Round the Mountain,  Range ?



Earlier this spring Kathy and I decided to get back into shape, We started by getting out “Millie” our tandem bike.  Millie has been hanging in the garage and needed some dusting and a minor tune-up, but nothing serious.  We started riding on a popular bike trail not too far away, to get use to riding again.  After a few weeks we were ready. During that period I made contact with a local tandem club and joined.  The first group ride was Sutter Buttes, which lays claim to being the worlds smallest mountain range. It’s a series of peaks the just pop up in middle of the San Joaquin Valley. The highest peak is 2117 ft.  Its mostly cattle country and all privately owned. Sutter Buttes is located just west of Marysville, Ca. an hours drive from our home.

 We meet up with the other riders at the small town of Sutter.  There were only five bikes total on the ride, but the people were nice and the hills not to high.  We started off at a nice pace and continues clock wise on two lane roads.  We got to the north side and the leader suggested we take a detour a couple of miles to a Water Foul Mgmt. Area ( hunting club ) to have our packed lunches.  It was very nice and no hunters present.  After lunch it was back on the bike and the trip back to Sutter.  No one said anything about the major 20+ mph headwinds we would encounter on the way back.  It was tough but we made it, , all 50 miles, arriving back at about 2pm.  It was a GREAT ride and what a thrill to say we road around a mountain range in less than a day.