Hiking    June-July 2000



  This year in an on going effort to get and stay fit, Kathy and I began doing some hiking in our local area.  It was great until the summer heat began to effect the foothill trails, so we started to hike in higher altitudes.  We found an area about an hours drive up Interstate 80.  There are lots of lakes and trails with vistas, flowers and fun hiking.  Here is an account of one of our hikes in that area.

 It was a beautiful Saturday, we got up at 6am to get an early start.  We drove up Interstate 80 to Hwy 20 then to Bowman Lake road and then up to Linsey Lake, a small lake and campground right on the lake.  When we arrived we were surprised to find a camp site near the trail head.  I had loaded our tent and camping gear just in case we found a site. We setup our tent in the site to hold it. Then got ready to hike the Linsey lake and Crooked Lakes Trail.  These trails are very pretty and only a couple of mountains to climb.  We did have to find our way around a flooded stream crossing but the vistas and views were worth it all. The trail ends at Carr Lake from there we hiked along a dirt road back to Linsey Lake.  The total trip was about 7 miles. We were tired and setup our bed in the tent and took a afternoon nap.  Rested we took a walk to the dam and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon. We went to bed early and got up early for a large breakfast, we then packed up and drove to another trail and hiked it also.  We enjoy hiking that area an plan to do a lot more.

Below are some pictures of our hikes, hope you enjoy them.