A Weekend with Family

On Friday June 23 Kathy and I drove to the local airport to greet my brother Hal, his wife Phyllis, his son Chuck and his wife Carol.  Chuck had flown from Orange County, Ca. to Parker, Az. Picked up Hal and Phyllis and flew up to Auburn, Ca. where Kathy and I live.  It was a beautiful day and they arrived about 11:00 o’clock in the morning.  We loaded them up and brought them to our home to unload there baggage and visit a little.  That afternoon we took a little car trip into the Sierra’s.  There are some wonderful back roads and wonderful views of lakes and forests.  After our four wheeling  jaunt through the woods it was back to Auburn and dinner at a Mexican Restaurant then home for the night.

The Next morning it was up early had breakfast and we were for a day of whitewater rafting down the length of the South Fork of the American River,  We had to be there by 7:45 but it was only  a half an hour away.  We left Phyllis with our dog for the day and our son Jon joined us to make our group a total of six.  We had selected a very reliable company for this trip and it paid off. Whitewater Excitement Inc. has a great facility just about mid-way down the river. We left our car there and took a van up river about 10-12 miles to the launch site.  We had a great time going through many different rapids and learning to paddle correctly when the guide ( Dick) would call for a direction. It was a lot of fun and we all enjoyed the water and scenery.  By afternoon we were ready for lunch and pulled into the facility beach and unloaded.  What a spread there was cold cuts, buns, chips, fresh fruit,  lemonade and water. It was great just perfect. Then back in the raft for more excitement.  The lower half is better than the upper for whitewater, we were keep busy, wet and laughing. It was a ball.  On one of the major rapids Carol got bumped out and she just hung on through the rapids until Chuck and Hal pulled her back in. I don’t think she had a good change to see the rapids from that vantage point there were lots of thrills and spills, we all had a very good time.  The raft trip ended as the river enters Folsom Lake, there we got towed to an area where we load the rafts on trailers and get on a bus back to the Whitewater Excitement facility.  It was a nice touch to them offer frozen candy bars and cokes before boarding the bus. We got back and loaded into the car for a trip just down hwy 49 to where the photo processing places are.  In several places along the trip they take your picture then offer to sell they to you where you get back.  We looked at several places and lots of photos and selected a set of five.  They said it would take an hour or two so we went to a near by pizza place for dinner, then picked up the photos,  We headed home and began doing some copies on the computer for every on to have.  Then some visiting and off to bed.  

We got up, ate breakfast and loaded the car and off to the airport so they could get back early.  They left Auburn at 7am and by 11am we in Parker, and Chuck and Carol were home by 1pm.  What a great visit.  We had a wonderful time and got to see and visit with family.  It was a lot of fun.  Pictures below.