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Hal Simpson Toot’n  3/99


Part of an E-mail form Hal:

Music, and more music, and we love it. I played at Hualapi Lodge with 
Barry and three other banjos a couple weeks ago. I was the only horn. 
What a blast, and all of this at 7,000 ft. elevation. I didn't even feel 
the thin oxygen.
 I play Monday evening, just for the practice, with a piano player at 
the Pub in Havasu (for diners only so lots of mute use), and Wednesday 
at the Mudshark in Havasu with our 5 piece jazz combo. For the next two 
weeks we will be playing at the Mudshark Thursday through Sunday. Then, 
Who knows. Meanwhile, Barry is trying to set up a Big Band night at the 
Hualapi Lodge if he can catch us with a night free.

Hal & Chuck on the Colorado River ‘98




     The Band ‘99