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            Pg.  1   When Noah meet Julia      

            Pg.  2   The George family leaves Little Rock         

            Pg.  3    Dr. John H. Driver

            Pg.  4    King Louis XIV

            Pg.  4    Mary Jane Whitten & Thomas C.

            Pg.   5   Mary Jane’s sister Harriet

            Pg.   5   Noah’s finger

            Pg.   6   The Hanging

            Pg.   7    Moving to Arkansas

            Pg.   8    Peter Rine Simpson  by Lewis A.W. Simpson

Pages 1-7 are a collection of stories collected and written by Alice (Simpson) Lemons

Sources:  Alice spent many hours talking to her paternal Grandmother, Mary Jane (Whitten) Simpson, also maternal Grandmother, Sarah (France) George, her Uncle Ott George, Uncle Dr. John H. Driver, Aunt Harriet Kelly.  She also collected data from her brother John, and sister-in-law Thelma, Tom’s wife, and most of all her mother and dad, Julia A. (George) Simpson and Noah Wright Simpson, who shared many experiences with her. Also many friends and cousins.

When Noah met Julia:

  Noah was working at a sawmill, and Uncle Wes, Julia’s brother, was also working there.

One day around noon Julia, about 15 years old, came to the mill to bring her brother his lunch.  As she stood waiting Noah, around 20 years old, saw her and remarked to another worker, “ what a pretty girl”.

At the Time, Noah was living with Uncle Louis Johnston and Aunt Irene, his sister and brother-in-law.  Cousin Ella was Julia’s girl friend, and cousin Ella decided to have a young people’s party one night, especially called so she could introduce Noah to Julia.

After that, they were courting.  Noah was still living with his sister and brother-in-law. Noah wanted to wait until he built a house on some land he owned, then they could get married and have a home of there own.

  During this time, Uncle Wes’s work played out and they, including Julia,  moved to Texas to for another job, but that ended shortly. Grandmother George and Julia moved in to  live with Uncle Ott and his wife Aunt Annie, in the same part of Texas.  Aunt Annie was high tempered and soon told Julia she would have to leave. In those days, all a girl could do was find a large family of children, and work as a nanny for room and board. It was very hard work and very unrewarding.  So Julia wrote Noah about her having to go to work.  Noah wrote back for her to come to Aunt Frances Merrell’s home about eight miles southwest of Horatio and he would pick her up there and they would get married.

  So Julia went to Horatio to Aunt Frances and Uncle Rufus Merrell’s home, and there they made her wedding dress, and prepared for Noah to come.  On the morning of Dec. 22, 1901, Uncle Burr took Noah to Gillham to catch the train, that ran about 5:30am to Horatio, arriving at 7am,  he rented a surrey and went to get Julia.  They started to the home of the Justice of the Peace, T.O. Poole, but he had gone, to a big community dinner. So off they go to the dinner to find the Justice of the Peace, They found Mr. Poole and he conducted the service pronouncing them man and wife, while they sat in the surrey.

That night they rode the train back to Gillham, met by Uncle Burr about 12:30 am. They made their home with Uncle Burr and Aunt Bettie, Orrey and Annie, for about six months, until Noah got his house built.


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