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Dr. John H. Driver and John Cary George:

Dr. Driver who was married to Julia Georgeís oldest sister Emily, told Alice Lemons that her granddad George was the finest man he had ever known. He said he was so kind, and a friend to all.He also said he was very well respected.

John Cary George loved to hunt and was very good at it, thatís how they got most of their meat.He built a beautiful home in Little rock, Ark. He built it himself out of the best lumber that he had planned himself. He also played the violin or fiddle as it was called.††††††††††††

On one of his hunting trips, he came across a dead man, who had been there for some time.Near the dead man was his rifle, on closer examination he saw the rife was a very good one, much better than his shotgun, so he took the rifle and left his shotgun near the body.When the authorities arrived and someone identified the shotgun as John Georgeís, he was at once accused of the crime.When he got word, that he would have to go to court, he was sure he would have a very hard time proving his innocence.So he packed up his family and Uncle Driver and Aunt Emily, and fled to Texas and changed their names.

Uncle Driver kept practicing medicine.The sheriff located them, through a label on a bottle of medicine.The sheriff arrived after dark, grandma George went to the door, as they called for John George.He came to the door with rife in hand and was shot dead, at first sight. Grandma George was left with seven young children, Ott the oldest at 16 and Julia the youngest at less than 2 years.

Grandma George took the children and went to live with her father in Jasper, Texas.With his assistance, she and the children were pretty well off, although her brothers were concerned about how much attention and help they were getting.To keep peace in the family, she packed up the kids and moved to Oklahoma, where times were very hard.

One night , a mountain cougar got under their house, the floor boards were not nailed down, and it keep raising them with its back, which had everyone scared. This went on for sometime until grandma could boil some water and poured it through the cracks, making the cougar leave.


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