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Julia’s Simpson eye’s:

Julia (George) Simpson had a lifetime of trouble with her eye’s.  Ever since childhood, when she was about two she had whooping cough and the measles.  Her eyes were very weak, which made her stay in the house with the blinds drawn, for quite some time.  After becoming a teenager, Uncle John Driver pierced her ears, a common belief at the time was that piercing the ears would strengthen the eyes and improve one’s sight.  It seemed to help for some time but her eyesight problems came back, when she and Noah lived in the house on the hill, but got medicine from the Dr. that seemed cured it.  

Alice remembered the beautiful earrings that she wore when she was younger, they were pure gold, and shaped like a mix of a fan and a wheel, crinkled like a fan but round like a wheel.  Alice thought they just wore out, about the time the family moved form the hill to Gillham.

Julia’s eye’s were never very strong which prevented her from doing much sewing, her cousin Mary did all the sewing for her kids, until Alice got to be about twelve.  Then Julia showed her daughter Alice how to put patterns together, and sew for the family.

From Alice:

Julia’s oldest sister, Emily, married Dr. John H. Driver and they had only one child, but as a child,  it’s head began growing out of proportion to it’s body.  If some of you older remember the Martin family that lived in the Almond settlement when we wee children: the baby brother to the girls that Johnny and Aaron Almond married, had a head that grew almost the size of a bushel basket, and he lived to be six years old, could talk but never could hold his head up.  Aunt Emily and Uncle John’s baby’s head grew like that, and the Dr. told me it was something he never saw before, but the baby didn’t live long afterwards. Soon thereafter, Aunt Emily died and the Dr. married again, but he didn’t like this woman, and they separated.  The Dr. soon came back to Grandma’s and when Aunt Alice was 16 he married her.  He told me he loved grandma’s family, because he married   two of them, and he told Grandma she could always make her home with them, and she did.  He was good to her.  He told me he felt he owed grandma a lot, because he was careless and let our granddad get caught.  He felt awful about it, because he loved Granddad so much.  

Interesting story told by Uncle John H. Driver:

   When King Louis XIV of France was dethroned and killed,  he left two children, a son and a daughter.  Our grandfather John Cary George, told Dr. Driver a secret which was kept guarded.  The son of King Louis XIV fearing for his life, ran away and hid from the authorities, and came to Louisiana with settlers who came over from France.  He came as a commoner, or as one of them, signing his surname George.  Uncle John Driver told Alice Lemons there was positive proof it was true because the family showed royal breeding and so many beauties were born into the family.  Dr. Driver told Alice he believed the story.

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