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Written by Alice (Simpson) Lemons

A little story about Aunt Harriet:

 Noah’s Sister Harriet ( not Mary Jane Whitten’s sister Harriet, who fell from the horse, this is Mary Jane Whitten’s daughter) Mary Jane said her daughter Harriet was the most mischievous and daring child she had.  At about tow years of age, she had dressed her in a beautiful starched white dress and before they could get started to church, the little tyke ran out and wiped her pretty dress all over and around the wash pot.  Another time at school, there was a dug-out well that was not yet finished, and some children lost their ball in the well.  Harriet being a daring young girl, climbed down the walls of the well and brought up the ball, which of course when Grandma found out frighten her very much.

Aunt Harriet grew into a beautiful young woman and was so precious to her family.  Dad (Noah) said she was leader to all the children.  They always followed her and at work she was always keeping them with her.  When Noah was about 4 years old, granddad had just put on a new roof and had not put the tools away.  Noah was playing with the hatchet and cut his left forefinger off to the point that it was just hanging by a string of skin. Aunt Harriet bandaged it up using turpentine and sugar and a board to hold it straight, and the finger grew back perfectly with only a scar to show what happened.

Aunt Harriet married Jim Kelly from Indiana, and dad (Noah) said he was a wonderful man and dad loved him like a brother.  He died not long after Granddad did in 1897 ( Thomas C. Simpson).   Dad made his home with them until he married but some time with Uncle burr and Aunt Bettie.

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