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This is a collection of stories collected and written by Alice (Simpson) Lemons


A story my Grandmother told me about our Granddad, that seams very important, and since I’ve learned more about the Scouts of the Civil Was, I understand why it happened.

Granddad Simpson was a Elder or Minister of the Primitive Baptist Church, and he became a Scout under the direction of General Shelby.  Many of the Scouts in the Civil War were Ministers, and because they went about preaching the word, attending the sick and bereaved, they could move around more freely, and had the opportunity to get important information about the Northern Soldiers, there locations, and strengths.

These so called “Scouts” were very important, but were considered Spy’s by the Union Army.  

Granddad had been in the war for some time, and then, he became very ill.  So sick, they sent him home, on furlough, until he regained his health.  While he got home he was bedridden, and very sick.  One day a group of Union soldiers came to their home, they took everything they could find, food, and valuables.  The people expecting them at any time, would hide what they could, but that wasn’t easy.  When they found Granddad in bed, and found out he was a Minister Scout.  They carried him out to a tree, and hung him by the neck, and then they rode off.  Leaving Granddad hanging there.

When they were gone, Grandmother ran out and cut him down, and discovered he was still breathing.  She ran for the doctor, and when the doctor examined him, he said his neck was broken.  The doctor told them to make a wooden box, for him to fit into, so he wouldn’t move.  She did, and he lived in that box for months, until his neck was healed.



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