Family Stories ††page 7


This is a collection of stories collected and written by Alice (Simpson) Lemons

The Story of how they wound up in Arkansas:

Grandmother Simpson( Mary Jane) was very sick and under doctorís care, for quite some time. To all appearances she was all but dead. She was laid out for dead for six hours. She told me, she knew everything, and heard all they were saying, but she could not move, to save her life. When they came to measure her length for a casket, she said she kept trying to move even a finger, and finally she was able to move the knuckle of her little finger, and someone saw it, and began working with her, and brought her back to life.

In those days, when the Doctor couldnít get a patient well, he would advise travel.So they packed up what they could, of the home in Alton, Mo., and started south to Arkansas.

Dad ( Noah ) was six years old.Dad said that they traveled over the most beautiful lands, you could imagine, and Granddad wanted to buy, but Grandmother was never willing to stop.They went through all the nice fields, and the big river bottom farms of the Arkansas River, and other fine sites along the way.They kept traveling, until they came to the southern part of the state, where they had to stop, for Uncle Bobís birth.Soon afterward they started up state again, until they came to the Cossatot River in Seivier County, Ark.†† Dad said it was a thinly settled county, and practically no( on the original paper thereís a large blank space, big enough for one word,??), it was exactly what Grandmother wanted, so they settled there, and Noah grew up on the Cossatot River.

When they left Missouri, they had sons and two daughters married. Somehow, Granddad had a way about him, that he was able to keep all his children, and in-laws, with him, so they all traveled together.He also started with $2000. in gold in a box. Enough to have bought many farms in Arkansas at the time, for land was cheap. 

They had a small home, and one night when Granddad went out to preach, and the whole family with him. They returned to find their home burned to the ground, and now they were penniless, for all their money was gone.They went through the ashes, but not one piece of the money did they find.So they were most sure it was burned deliberately to hide who took the money.

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