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File Compression

    It has come to our attention that many of us have had trouble sending files and pictures to each other.   The reason we may be having this difficulty could be due to the size of the file we wish to send.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to make it smaller, and still contain the same file?  Well this can be done by compressing the file into what is known as a .ZIP file.  Think of it as a trash compactor.  When you have too much trash you turn on the compactor and the compactor becomes temporarily unusable while it is running.  However when it is done compacting garbage, the amount of space the garbage takes up has reduced.  There is a program called WinZip that you can download off the internet that applies the same concept to files on your computer.  WinZip takes your file(‘s) and compresses them into a temporarily unusable file (.ZIP) that is smaller than the original file.  You then send ( E-mail ) this .ZIP file to the intended person who then uses this same WinZip program to extract the file you sent from the .ZIP file.   

WARNING: .ZIP files are unusable to people who do not have any means of extracting .ZIP files

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Downloading and installing WinZip

I have provided link to ease the download process.  This allows you to download a free trial of WinZip that is fully functional.  Just click on the link below and then follow the instructions.  To find out a little bit about how to use WinZip continue on to the section.

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