Teresa Lin ( Townsend) Sizemore


Mike, son Tom & family, Cody, Tori , Tamree & Rainy



                                                             I guess I should take 5 mins for a personal update
                                                             since things have been raidly changing.
                                                             We can start with Feb,we bought our first house
                                                             wounderful 4 bedroons 2 bath large rooms will have to
                                                             send photos when I slow down a little bit.This house
                                                             is in awsome condition and we only paid 46,000.00 for
                                                             it,it is a one owner house.we finally moved in on mar
                                                             6th and nothing is anywhere. I will get it if I keep
                                                             trying,5 am to 9 pm a day on house kids and business
                                                             is long days.
                                                             We still have our mine in the canyon where I keep my
                                                             dogs and cats (they tend the mice) the dogs tend the
                                                             rabbits and keep the cats in check.
                                                             Now the business we just had our first employee today.
                                                             Mike has been under his own contract since Jan.Very
                                                             neat. Next year we hope to have a construction company
                                                             in Washington tri cities area,where Tommy can run it
                                                             and mike will have to travel to oversee it.We have a
                                                             contact in Tacoma where they are going to build a new
                                                             plant and are looking into that,too. Lots of work for
                                                             the office slave (me).
                                                             I have to type a employee hand book and get our
                                                             safety proceedures togather by the end of the day,(I
                                                             know I will never get that done in one day.)
                                                             We bought a duplex for Cody and Tori it is 2 bedrooms
                                                             1 bath and it is more of a apt. But the price was
                                                             right and they are on there own now. The price on this
                                                             one was a trip, 1 Straticaster (guitar)and $500.00
                                                             cash. He wanted the 61 chevy apache truck (already
                                                             restored )but he didnt get that.The truck is now for
                                                             sale the first $1500. takes it.
                                                             Now we are getting ready for a,what started to be a
                                                             birthday party,Janets 60th and has turned out to be a
                                                             large reuinon. Two for the price of one good deal. I
                                                             am very excited about this it is the first time in 10
                                                             yrs we will be all togather.All are welcome and we
                                                             hope everyone can make it thoses who cant will be
                                                             missed. Well I am sure I have missed something but I
                                                             cant type anymore.
                                                             Add what you want to the web site.
                                                             Love to all


Mike, Teresa, Cody, Tori, Rainy

Tom, Nivie and Caitlyn

Sept 99